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Next Review Set : Turkish Airlines


PHOTO: Turkish Airlines Airbus courtesy of Turkish Airlines

With the intense amount of traveling I have done the past six months, flying has become second nature to me. Things like turbulence and annoying TSA workers no longer bother me. I just plug in my headphones, drink some wine, turn on my wi-fi and get right into being suspended 35,000 feet in the air.

Still, for long-haul flights like the 13 hour flight from Washington, D.C. to Istanbul, it is more than simply "nice" to find a worthy airline. This is why I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Turkish Airlines for my trip to Istanbul in July. Yesterday they won "Best Airline in Europe" by the prestigious Skytrax organization, which is the like the Oscars of the airline industry.

So looking forward to "Widening my World!" Bosphorous here I come!

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