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Next travel review set! Off to Curaçao


PHOTO: Cliff-diving courtesy of Diamond PR

Long considered one of the best destinations in the Caribbean, Curaçao is home to a diverse heritage with spectactular architecutre informed by its European heritage. Additionally, the capital city of Willemstad has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, but for those seeking beach adventures like I am Curaçao has more than 35 captivating beaches to relax and unwind.

After reviewing the photographic displays of Curaçao's visually exotic yet inspiring scenes, I think the biggest problem with this gorgeous country may be how to pronounce it! I have never known how to pronounce it. Curaçao locals do not pronounce the second syllable and instead blend it all-together to sound like "Korsou" (core-sow) with a stress on the "Sow." Numerous pronunciations also exist: "Koor-uh-sou, Kuur-ah-sow, Cure-ah-sew (sew like to sew a hem), and Kur-uh-sow (cow like as cow). However, one choses to pronounce the name of the country, everything else associated with this country should be an extraordinary delight!

Be sure to tune into the blog in July for all the best or just follow me on Instagram at missserykim (three "s" in a row).


PHOTO: Curaçao beach courtesy of Diamond PR

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