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Thank you Milan!

Facebook - Gorgeous day
Welcome to EXPO Milano

PHOTO: The view from the entrance to EXPO Milano 2015 (c) Sery Kim

I had a wonderful trip to Milan and am excitedly reliving this trip while I write-up a detailed review of the EXPO, Carlton Baglioni Hotel (my host hotel and one of the Leading Hotels of the World) and the sumptious food throughout Milan. Many, MANY thanks to the Beaches of Ft. Myers and Sanibel for inviting me along on this trip! It was simply breathtaking to be in Milan -- and the sunny 70-degree weather could not be beat!

Here's to many more brillant adventures!

Facebook - Fabulous architecture

PHOTO: Design elements at EXPO Milano 2015 (c) Sery Kim

Facebook - Untitled

PHOTO: The famous Duomo, i.e. the Milano Cathedral (c) Sery Kim

Facebook - Another beautiful day around the Duomo

PHOTO: A simply breathtaking piece of architecture around the Duomo (c) Sery Kim

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