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Happy Memorial Day!

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PHOTO: Clockwise: Drink at Duke's Grocery, Donuts at Lyon Hall, Firepit at Four Seasons Washington, D.C., and beer at Lost & Found

Having just returned to Washington, D.C. during a national holiday weekend, I am always poignantly reminded of the integral role this city plays in celebrating and remembering patriotism. For instance, the Fourth of July and Veterans Day are always very big in D.C. but my favorite patriotic holiday is Memorial Day. Something about this day where we remember all of our service men and women, past and present (and maybe even future), melts my heart.

This year, like every year in D.C., there are two big Memorial Day events: Rolling Thunder and the Memorial Day Concert on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol. More than a fair share of locales will venture through the throngs of traffic -- hideous, horrible traffic -- to witness these two events or, former locales like myself, will find themselves comfortably parked in less touristy places.

In 48 hours, I found myself starting my weekend by enjoying (sans tourists) Bourbon Steak Lounge's delicious martinis at one of the two outdoor firepits at the Four Seasons Washington, D.C. The weather was pitch perfect! A sublime 74 degrees. The next day I walked in the lovely 80 degree sun to Duke's Grocery for an afternoon cocktail -- get the Orange Crush -- before ending my weekend with donuts at Lyon Hall and beer at Lost & Found, a super great beer joint in upcoming Blagden Alley.

Also, more importantly, as a child of immigrants who came over to the U.S. to enjoy this country's unique form of freedom//opportunity, I am incredibly grateful to all who gave their lives to defend this freedom. Thank you ... words will never be enough ...

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