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Off to Milan EXPO 2015!


PHOTO: EXPO Milano 2015 logo courtesy of EXPO Milano 2015

One of the hottest events in Europe this year is the EXPO Milano 2015 in beautiful Milan, Italy. From May 1 to October 31 of this year, over 140 countries will participate in showcasing their best efforts to solve the vital global issue of providing safe, healthy and sustainable food. This dialogue is critical as the human being's footprint(s) expands expotentially while the world's resources remain, essentially, static.

Over 20 million visitors are expected to journey through the 1.1 million square meter expo area to see each country's solution to this issue of global food production, and I look forward to being one of them! Next week, I will be venturing with my friends at Leading Hotels of the World and the Beaches of Fort Myers and San Sanibel to explore their contribution to this connundrum. While, I can't wait to make my first trip to Milan and I am also looking forward to being a more informed global citizen.

Be sure to tune into the blog for additional information!

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