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Tune into CBS WUSA-9 tomorrow to catch me!

Facebook - Not my typical commute but a nice way to get back to NYC!  😎

PHOTO: Driving into New York City (c) Sery Kim

During the summer, no matter what your age, there is always a tug to take a trip and get away (like when you were a kid). But vacations are expensive. Flights, hotels, food and then the costs of attractions. Sometimes it's fun to just hop in your car and head out for the weekend for a quick roadtrip. I'm happy to be heading back to CBS WUSA-9 tomorrow to discuss the best east coast roadtrips.

Be sure to tune in during the noon hour to hear me chat with Nick Giovanni!

Facebook - Home sweet home for the next few days at the serene Topping Rose Hous

PHOTO: Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton (c) Sery Kim

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