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Best Beaches of the World : Cook Islands

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PHOTO: One of the Cook Islands courtesy of Google Images

Settled in the 6th century by fleeing Tahitians, the 15 islands comprising the nation of Cook Islands is infused with the quiet sartorial splendor expected by the 100,00+ visitors to the South Pacific Ocean. After all, if Tahiti's pristine beauty was insufficient, then the resplendence of Cooks Islands must be positively spellbinding.

As I continue my research on the "best beaches of the world," I can not ignore the allure of this island country -- though, technically, tied to New Zealand. Since I have a particular affinity for the Small Luxury Hotels of the World brand, I look forward to checking out the Pacific Resort Aitutaki as the ideal base to "island-hop" as I explore the two major reefs and endless expanse of this stretch of ocean between French Polynesia and American Samoa. The mere 27 rooms provide ample luxury for indulgence and relaxing, as does the spa and restaurant.


PHOTO: One of the views from Pacific Resort Aitutaki courtesy of Small Luxury Hotels of the World


PHOTO: Beach view at sunset at Pacific Resort Aitutaki courtesy of Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Flights from New York City to Rarotonga, the international airport is at a minimum a 2-stop, 28 hour and 40 minute adventure. I guess I will need to make very good friends with the nice folks of the Star Alliance member airline Air New Zealand to get an update to business class. However, it is important to note business class service is extremely limited with travel o nly from L.A., San Francisco, London and Honolulu to Auckland or the Cook Islands. Of course, the newly delivered 787 Dreamliner might make it all worthwhile.

Stay tuned for more details and the ABC television segment!


PHOTO: The gorgeous Pacific Ocean from Pacific Resort Aitutaki courtesy of Pacific Resort Aitutaki

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