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First Thoughts : Hotel Konigshof

Facebook - Old world glamour in Munich, Germany

PHOTO: View from inside my room at Hotel Konigshof (c) Sery Kim

Europe has been a habitual destination for summer vacation-seekers for as long as I can remember. Yet, despite this history-laden continent filling a litany of books, articles and Instagram-tales, the same cities and the same countries are continually visited. Some variation of London, Paris and Rome are gutted with more tourists than a healthy sense of sanity -- and sanitation -- should allow.

Recently I began researching the best of “forgotten” Europe for another television segment (to be aired this summer). Countries whose people, food, culture and picturesque vistas inspire the glorious peace of an authentic European vacation. No McDonald’s or wretched Starbucks but rather simple elegance infused with global significance.

While my discovery is still in its early stages, Vienna, Minorca, and Munich, Germany are currently on the list.

Munich's sister city of Berlin is more well-known; however, Munich has long exceeded its infamy as the host of the 1972 Munich games. Offering an inspiring gothic visage, with miles of beautifully clean streets, this third-largest city in Germany has plenty of relaxing things to do.

When staying in Munich be sure to find yourself in the comforts of the old-world Hotel Konigshof, another of Leading Hotels of the World’s enjoyable partners. A literal five feet from the central Munich train station, Hotel Konigshof provides a safe resting point central to exploring all of Munich, as well as the one-star Michelin Restaurant Konigshof. I particularly enjoyed the nearly two feet deep soaking tub, with two bottles of ETRO bath foam, to help ease my body after more than 8 miles of walking!

Be sure to tune in the blog for a full review next week.

Facebook - Old school glamour at breakfast

PHOTO: Inside shot of Restaurant Konigshof (c) Sery Kim

Facebook - Munchen cappuccino overflow

PHOTO: My early morning cappucino at Restaurant Konigshof (c) Sery Kim

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