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Next review set : Montauk Yacht Club


PHOTO: Montauk Yacht Club double room courtesy of Montauk Yacht Club

The sprawling New York City respite known as the Hamptons edges south towards the eponymous Southampton and as far east as Montauk. Yet seldom does the bedazzling crowd of Upper East Siders and their wannabes seek out the pleasures of the quiet hamlet known as Montauk.

5,000 acres of beaches a mere 110 miles from New York City, Montauk offers swimming, surfing, fishing, boating, golfing, hiking, camping, horseback riding, biking, bird watching and my favorite combination of reading while drinking Hendricks-and-tonic on the beach with less of the crazy of the Hamptons.

Additionally, for those who seek even more privacy, the Montauk Yacht Club’s serene 103 nautical inspired decor, private balconies, pools and plenty of outdoor activities creates a seamless indoor//outdoor feel akin more to a refreshing throwback area retreat rather than a flawless luxury destination. Of course, being in a demanding travel marketplace, the Montauk Yacht Club also offers luxury elements (spa, restaurants, impeccable bar service) which helps elevates a typical hotel to one worth more than $200 a night.

I am certainly looking forward to my first visit in three short weeks, especially enjoying the patios which open directly onto the Long Island Shore Southfork East End beaches. Until I get there, enjoy these photos from the Montauk Yacht Club's photo gallery:

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