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American Airlines Lounge at J.F.K. International Airport


PHOTO: Martini at the Admirals Club at the J.F.K. International Airport (c) Sery Kim

I am looking forward to celebrating my birthday in the Amalfi Coast this weekend. Positano and Capri. What more could a woman ask for -- except that it is going to rain all weekend for this beach//foodie centric excursion to Italy. These are the type of "first world problems" which gives the 1% a bad rap!

Irrespective ot the weather forecast in Italy, it's been a crazy, intense, beautiful, heartbreaking and passionate year for me. The parapatric experiences thrust upon carved emotions and memories which I never thought were possible. Despite the pain and tears, the joys and smiles, no matter the largess in my banking account or the poverty in my emails, everything which was given to me has blessed me.

I am particularly thankful for all of the glorious travel opportunities I have had. In fact, I am embarking upon my next year of passport stamps straightaway. Just today I did the D.C.A. airport in Washington, D.C.; the airport in Raleigh-Durham Internationa Airport where I proceeded to be served the most disasterous cup of coffed. Weak, unsweet and not strong, Starbucks also managed to misspell my name. (I am not sure how you get "ESRY" from my name "SERY" but HEY! They at least got all the letters right); and now I am at the Admirals Club at the J.F.K. International Airport awaiting my flight to Dusseldorf.


PHOTO: View of the Atlantic Ocean flying in to J.F.K. International Airport (c) Sery Kim

To say the Admirals Club is wholly without merit would be a slight understatement. There is nothing really free except for water, wi-fi, some white chocolate covered pretzels and a NESPRESSO machine. Everything else is charged and, as airport policy dictates, overcharged.

I paid just over $10 for a Turkey Florentine Panini. Made with roast turkey breast, melted Swiss cheese, fresh spinach and honey mustard on griddle panini bread, this sandwich would not have embarrassed Panera Bread in the least. In fact, after peering intently at the other dishes coming out of the kitchen, I do believe the bartender recommended to me the best item on the menu. However, the mere fact I had to pay for food in a business class lounge seems rather irksome. Shouldn't the privilege of flying business class entitle me to some free food?

I have certainly grown accustomed to easy bites, tasty cookies and bottomless alcohol service in the business class lounge. Qatar Airways, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways have spoiled me rotten -- and I can not wait for Emirates and Ethiad to do so as well. All of the aforementioned airlines offer, at the bare minimum, several interesting magazines rather than just the plain Jane magazines published by the parent company.

Oh well. At least I did get two free drink vouchers and they were well used for martinis. Happy birthday to me!

Here's hoping my next round of airport lounges are a bit more interesting. Munich. Dallas. Austin. Los Angeles. Thailand. Jamaica. Dominican Republic. There's going to be alot more in May than I will probably even be able to handle! WHEELS-UP!!


PHOTO: The TSA line at Ronald Reagan International Airport (c) Sery Kim

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