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Destination Beaches : South African Airways "Top Producing Airline"

cape town beaches.jpg

PHOTO: Cape Town beaches courtesy of South Africa Tourism

With winter behind us and the bikini season upon us, the joyous thralls of crystalline waters, frosting-looking beaches, and endless mojitos and margaritas entices relentless daydreaming. After all, how can one possibly concentrate when the frockling on a beach beckons.

When considering some of the best beaches in the world, South Africa more than 41 “Blue Flag Beaches,” a prestigious award only offered to those locations who meet 33 strict criteria such as water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, as well as safety and services. In fact, South Africa was the first country outside of Europe to be awarded a “Blue Flag” beach.

South Africa beaches spanning four distinct areas each with its own personality along the KwaZulu-Natal coastline, the Eastern Cape around Port Elizabeth to the Wild Coast, the Western Cape’s Atlantic Ocean views along the Cape Peninsula and the Northern Cape.

The easiest way to explore these beaches is on a direct flight from Washington, D.C. and New York City on South African Airways, who is more than willing to advance the beach daydreaming into reality with daily non-stop flights to Johannesburg, and whose excellent South African wine service helps ease any pains of the 14 hour journey.


PHOTO: South African Airways Wine Menu (c) Sery Kim

In honor of SAA’s contribution to tourism, the South African Tourism Authority has just awarded SAA the “Top Producing Airline” award. The Ubuntu Awards honors key travel providers in North America that excel at promoting travel to South Africa.

We are extremely proud to receive this award from South African Tourism, whom has been a long-standing partner of South African Airways in promoting South Africa to the North American market,” says Marc Cavaliere, Executive Vice President for South African Airways in North America. “Our desire to stimulate travel to the destination is stronger than ever and we will continue to collaborate with South African Tourism to showcase the exceptional experiences that South Africa offers travelers.”


PHOTO: Wheels-down in Johannesburg (c) Sery Kim

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