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Department of Donuts pop-up at Seasonal Pantry

Facebook - Strawberry cake donut courtesy of Department of Donuts #pureshot #nof

PHOTO: Department of Donuts' Strawberry yogurt cake donut

Star pastry chef Naomi Gallego, the creator of the mouth-watering Department of Donuts, Chef Gallego powers through any lingering doubts about the density and ability of donuts to be a truly transformative dessert with her flawless treats. Truly, both the strawberry yogurt cake donut, as well as my personal favorite of the lemon pudding donut, elevated my senses to another plane. Both donuts were sweet enough to be cavity inducing yet not hollow enough where you are left wanting more. Each bite filled and flowed with a beautiful rhythm.

Since Department of Donuts is still yet a hobby -- albeit a passionately delicious one -- be sure to tune into their Twitter feed for the announcement of their next pop-up! @DeptofDonuts

Facebook - Amazing lemon pudding donut curtesy of Department of Donuts

PHOTO: Department of Donuts Lemon pudding donut

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