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Tune into me on the radio!


PHOTO: 1410 KMYC AM radio courtesy of KMYC AM radio

Today, I have the opportunity to appear on two segments of 1410 KMYC AM radio, discussing how I developed and grew my food and travel work into as well as some of my favorite food and travel destinations this year. You can listen online around 5:15 p.m. EST or 2:15 PST through this link:

KMYC AM is Chico's, Yuba City's and Marysville's (California) best National and Local Talk, a 5000 watt media giant that covers the North Valley of California including Sacramento. The Line-up of the top stars in the world of talk and it's strong signal make KMYC an ideal way to reach the large blue collar and military worker base. Additionally, KMYC is the ONLY LOCAL TALK STATION IN THE MARKET.

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