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My first article for Opulent Living Magazine published

PHOTO: Opulent Living Magazine courtesy of Opulent Living Magazine

Today, I am very pleased to announced my first article for South Africa's premier luxury magazine Opulent Living published. You can find the link here as well as full text to the article below:

Here's to a joyous and wonderful year! Cheers!

MARCH 2015


For a change this article is not written by Opulent Living but rather by US based media personality, Sery Kim, who joined forces with Opulent Living on a recent media trip to the amazing Sabi Sabi Game Reserve where the select members of the media were treated to culinary delights from Michelin Star Chef Eric Chavot who was flown in from London. This was to kick off the culinary experiences that are in store in the future at Earth Lodge.


“With an effortless grace Sabi Sabi Game Reserve, housed within the 60,000 hectare property known as Kruger National Park, elevates the expectations of luxury performance in a still wild and untamed stretch of land.

Comprised of four separate campgrounds — Selati Camp, Little Bush Camp, Bush Camp and Earth Lodge — Sabi Sabi Game Reserve’s handsome palette of whites, creams, beiges and dark browns set off a sumptuous backdrop to the flawless natural habitat of big game in South Africa for a truly immersive indoor/outdoor feel. Invisible doors of natural air in all the communal spaces invites every Sabi Sabi guest to freely indulge in their safari imagination. For instance, at Bush Camp, a pedestal outdoor soaking tub overlooks the terrain in which elephants, lions, cheetahs and even monkeys venture like a scene straight out of Out of Africa.

However unique the features of each of Sabi Sabi’s campgrounds, Earth Lodge is perhaps the most viscerally authentic of the four. Each room is its own personalized building, with a sunken foundation literally molding itself from the ground. Upon pushing open the heavy wooden door, the cavernous rooms opens itself up to two large sitting areas with comfy chairs and couches, a king-sized bed and a bathroom equal to both the large sitting areas and bedroom. Of particular note in the bathroom is the dinosaur-egg sized bathtub. Having been glazed from the clay it was sculpted from, the bathtub provides so much soaking depth, it was a truly difficult feat to physically extract myself from it. Then adding to the stately feel of the Earth Lodge is dual indoor and outdoor showers, as well as a personalized pool.

Thirteen lodges are available for rent at the Earth Lodge, including a vast Presidential Suite, and for those who grow weary of the three-times-a-day safari adventures, the Amani African Spa housed on property provides, literally, the best stone massage I have ever had in my life — a statement to Joyce (my masseuse’s greatness) considering I am a spa-a-holic. The trip to Earth Lodge would be it worth it just for this experience alone yet, the combination of the gracious hospitality, the pure virgin scenery, as well as the ability to enjoy sunset happy hour overlooking the classic South African views, created a warmth of memory I will not soon forget.”

Sery Kim

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