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Off to Nayara Springs : Costa Rica

nayara mountain top.jpg
PHOTO: View of Arenal Volcano from one of Nayara Springs 16 villas courtesy of Nayara Springs

When I was a child, I dreamed of vividly romantic destinations throughout the world to travel and fall in love. I knew if -- WHEN -- I fell in love the ideal spot to go would be Paris or Rome or London to conjure up spectacular memories.

Yet as time passed, and love passed me by as well, my ideals about what is truly romantic changed. Paris and Rome, with their more traditional spectacles of museums and historic visages, seemed less interesting than the pulsating adventure of crisp, untouched terrain. After all, what good is it to hold someone’s hand, with all your hopes and dreams, when the rest of you is being crushed by an unrelenting throng of perspiring, obnoxious, selfie-stick welding tourists. My heart began to beat for the spectacular rest of pure, unadulterated silence where I could relax with someone special, punctuated by flawless rest and service.

Then it came to me, like love did in real life, a combination of all the things I had been looking for in a romantic destination. In Nayara Springs Resort and Spa, nestled under the smoldering glare of the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica, I found the perfect combination of romance, adventure, rest, relaxation and terrific mouth-watering bites-and-sips.

Considered not only one of the premier Small Luxury Hotels of the World but also deemed by Travel and Leisure as cover-worthy on their "World's Best Hotels" edition, Nayara Springs Resort and Spa holds an allure far surpassing its ability to fulfill - the current waitlist for an empty room is six months. I suppose this happens when a resort and spa makes dreams come true … or when there are only 16 villas, each with its own plunging pool, to satisfy the thirst for supreme peace.

I can’t wait to spend five days and four nights there in August. Here’s to the best year of my life!

nayara springs 2.jpg

PHOTO: Nayara Springs aerial shot courtesy of Nayara Springs

nayara hot tub.jpg

PHOTO: Nayara Springs Hot Tub courtesy of Nayara Springs

nayara room.jpg

PHOTO: One of the 16 villas at Nayara Springs courtesy of Nayara Springs

nayara pool.jpg

PHOTO: Each Nayra Springs villa has its own separate plunge pool courtesy of Nayara Springs

nayara exterior.jpg

PHOTO: A single 250 foot walkway provides the only means of access to Nayara Springs courtesy of Nayara Springs

nayara springs - amor loco restaurate.jpg

PHOTO: Sumptious dining at Nayara Springs courtesy of Nayara Springs

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