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First Thoughts : Jardenea Restaurant : Washington, D.C.

Facebook - Flawless #pureshot #nofilter @MelroseHotelDC --> Wild Boar Terrine &
PHOTO: Wild Boar Terrine & Aged Gouda Souffle at Jardenea Restaurant (c) Sery Kim

For the past nine years I have lived in Washington, D.C., I was a rather frequent visitor to the Foggy Bottom grid where the Melrose Georgetown Hotel has been anchored. Yet, until a few weeks ago, I never knew of the existence of either this hotel nor its very charming, yet very empty, restaurant Jardenea. How unfortunate. The delightfully confident menu prepared by Executive Chef Nate Lindsey inspired in me profound befuddlement. "Why haven't I been here before? Why didn't I know about this restaurant!?"

In this rather confused state, I coursed through each of the five dishes presented to me including the arresting Wild Boar Terrine & Aged Gouda Souffle cubisticly presented in the photo above with not-a-little-bit-of-shock. I not only enjoyed my dinner at Jardenea but I literally could not stop spewing ideas to the General Manager about how they could get more young professionals in the door to enjoy the food -- and Bartender Joe's sweetly crafted cocktails.

I look forward to writing this review immensely! A hidden gem, still, in Georgetown ... who would have thought it?!?

Facebook - white truffle #Dauphinoise #potatoes @MelroseHotelDC @Jardenea #Adven

PHOTO: White Truffle Dauphinoise Potatoes at Jardenea (c) Sery Kim

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