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Best Hotels in D.C. : Part Four : The Jefferson : Washington, D.C.

5 - Greenhouse Wide.jpg
PHOTO: The Greenhouse at The Jefferson courtesy of The Jefferson

I am notoriously boring in Washington, D.C. for always starting a formal evening out by meeting up at The Jefferson Hotel's Quill Bar & Lounge. Being a few short blocks away from The White House, as well as a slew of other destinations the Washington, D.C. crowd throws parties at, Quill's cocktails and french fries are sublime. However, I have never actually stayed at any of the 95 bedrooms at The Jefferson Hotel which houses this great bar. Lucky enough for me -- now that I am in pursuit of the best hotels in Washington, D.C. -- I will finally get my chance during the long Valentine's Day/President's day weekend holiday.

Stay tuned to my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account over the Valentine's Day/President's Day weekend to get all the details!

Facebook - Prom photo, also known as Corcoran Ball

PHOTO: Friends gathered at The Jefferson Hotel before 2014's Corcoran Ball (c) Sery Kim

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