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Best Hotels in D.C. : Part Three : Sofitel D.C. : Washington, D.C.

PHOTO: My welcome gift of strawberry & fudge macarooms, Valrhona truffles and Sofitel D.C. honey (c) Sery Kim

You can tell the spirit of a hotel's service not by how they treat you when all is well, but how they treat you when you are frantic and frazzled. I was running behind schedule for my day reviewing the Sofitel D.C. -- car accidents are never any fun, even when they are not your car accidents -- so I arrived stressed about being late to work. Additionally, I was really early for my check-in. Well ... not even "really early." I was about six hours early and arrived just in the morning crush of when Sofitel's clientele were checking out.

But for the Sofitel D.C. early is no problem. Having no small bills is no problem. Changing a c-note is no problem. Forgetting your office key after giving the valet your key? NO PROBLEM.

"No problem Madame," is the sweetly emblematic spirit of the Sofitel D.C., and with its prime location in the throbbing heart of Washington, D.C. -- a mere block from The White House, this haven of service is a lovely host. I certainly am looking forward to my stay at this modernly updated hotel, especially utilizing the Lanvin products as well as bingeing on my delectable welcome gift of Valhrona truffles, strawberry and fudge macaroons (my fav!) and honey made on the rooftop of the Sofitel D.C. (perfect for my daily dose of Chamoille tea)!!


PHOTO: Office/T.V. space at Sofitel D.C. (c) Sery Kim


PHOTO: Sleeping space at Sofitel D.C. (c) Sery Kim

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