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Best Hotels in D.C. : Part Two : Salamander Resort & Spa : Middleburg, VA


PHOTO: A soaking pedestal tub in the Dressage Suite at Salamander Resort & Spa (c) Sery Kim

Flawlessly executed and developed by the esteemable Sheila Johnson, Salamander Resort & Spa in MIddleburg, Virginia has luxuriously accomodated travelers since it's opening in August 2013. In less than 18 months, this must-stop destination has revolutionized expectations of luxury travel performance in the State of Virginia, as well as in the South.

With 340 acres, including 200 acres exclusively devoted to conservation, the lush rolling landscapes of this tranquil equestrian town soothingly envelopes from the moment your car drives into town. (One word of caution, there is not large sign or even a small sign indicating you have gotten anywhere near Salamander. Instead there is a sign about the size of a sign which would announce a garage sale saying Salamander is just around-the-bend.) It almost feels as if nothing has changed since Middleburg was first founded by the British in 1787.

Then the Pembrooke-esque sprawling estate which houses the 168 guest rooms, including 17 suites, plus a 23,000 square foot spa, provides all the comforts of modern amenities including 40 inch SMART-TVs -- with plenty of cable channels -- and my personal favorite, which is free, super-fast wi-fi! I am particularly looking forward to my accomodations in the Dressage Suite and its gorgeous bathroom with the three-head shower.


PHOTO: The bedroom of the Dressage Suite at Salamander Resort & Spa (c) Sery Kim

This should be a great experience at Salamander Be sure to check into the blog for my thoughts on whether Salamander is one of the best hotels in D.C.


PHOTO: Bathroom in the Dressage Suite at Salamander Resort & Spa (c) Sery Kim

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