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Best Hotels in D.C. : Part One : Melrose Georgetown Hotel : DC

WML IMG-7836.jpg

PHOTO: Melrose Georgetown Hotel courtesy of Melrose Georgetown Hotel

One of the hardest things about building a segment comprised of the "best of" anything is the glut of choices in winnowing down the various options. My special project these next six weeks will be to find "The Best Hotels in DC" for ABC. Should be very interesting considering this has been the place where I have lived the last nine years!

First on the list will be the Melrose Georgetown Hotel in Washington, D.C. Honestly I had never even heard of this hotel until I started to do the research and it looks quite interesting. I am particularly keen to check out the Washington, D.C.-centric artwork (such as the George Washington portrait in the photo above) as well as the Jardenea Restaurant.

Check back in next week for a more thorough review!

WML IMG-8616.jpg

PHOTO: Lobby of the Melrose Georgetown Hotel courtesy of Melrose Georgetown Hotel

Jardenea Lounge Bar.jpg

PHOTO: Jardenea Lounge Bar courtesy of Melrose Georgetown Hotel

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