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First Thoughts South African Airways

Facebook - Looking forward to my first @flysaa trip to @GoToSouthAfrica for my f
PHOTO: South African Airways (c) Sery Kim

This week I was fortunate enough to fly my first long-haul flight to the continent of Africa on the South African Airways business class service. After having been on five other flights in the last five weeks (listed below), as well as missing an EasyJet flight in between (worst airline experience of my life), adding this roundtrip experience in both business and economy class, I can say with authority one of the biggest positives of the South African Airways experience is the direct flight! I hate stopping and having a long-layover -- or worse yet a miniscule layover so you are left sprinting through the airport like a fat kid looking for chocolates after a year-long diet of just vegetables.

I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with this airline as I continue to check off the list of continents I explore! Only three left!!


1. Qatar Airways A380 business class service from London to Doha to Bangkok

2. Qatar Airways A380 business class service from Bangkok to Doha to London

3. Missed EasyJet flight from London Gatwick to Jersey, United Kingdom -- worst airline experience ever

4. American Airlines route on the British Airways A380 economy class service from London to Washington, D.C.

5. Spirit Airlines service from Baltimore International (BWI) Airport to DFW International (Dallas, Texas)

6. Spirit Airlines service from DFW to BWI

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