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Review of the penultimate Valentine's Day : Air Partners + Whistler Heli Chalet : British Columbia

PHOTO: Whistler Heli Chalet courtesy of Whistler Heli Chalet

Unfortunately, no matter how much men bemoan the ridiculousness of celebrating a single day of the year as the penultimate symbol of how much love you feel towards a special someone, the fact remains if Valentine’s Day, i.e. February 14th, i.e. “Black Friday” for florists, jewelers and restaurants, passes without celebration it is no mystery as to what will happen that night: a not-so-comfy stay on the sofa.

For those men who are far beyond amateur Valentine’s Day techniques and looking to upend the gleeful joy of knowing what a great Valentine’s Day looks like, the one-and-only Whistler Heli Chalet has partnered with Air Partner to create an imposing celebration of love.


PHOTO: Whistler Heli Chalet courtesy of Whistler Heli Chalet


PHOTO: Whistler Heli Chalet courtesy of Whistler Heli Chalet

Air Partner will pick the lovely couple up from their home (all over the globe) and fly them to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Once wheels-down in Whistler, a private helicopter will then whisk the couple into the air for breathtaking views of an untouched, secluded view point of Whistler Mountain -- only accessible by private helicopter.

Once the powerful visage of untouched powder have created sufficient awe -- as well as invaluable Instagram photos -- and elegant lunch will be served by a private butler in an ice-cave. Yes, an ice-cave! Fully equipped with sheep skins and a fine gourmet lunch, this not-so-subtle, romantic lunch may be leisurely enjoyed to be followed by dessert and champagne.

Then, as if another distinguishing feature of this Valentine’s Day is required, when you are ready for the real adventure, send up a flare signaling to the Heli you are ready for pickup. The helicopter will pick you up and drop you off at the top of Whistler Mountain to heli-ski down to a private section in the après ski party.

Undoubtedly, brandishing a masterful Valentine’s Day such as this one should render any doubts of affection beyond approach!


PHOTO: Exterior of Whistler Heli Chalet courtesy of Whistler Heli Chalet


PHOTO: Air Partner private jet courtesy of Air Partner

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