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Preview of Bakers & Baristas : Washington, D.C.

Instagram - Pre, pre, PRE-viewing DC's newest : Bakers & Baristas, formerly in t

PHOTO: Delicious pastries at Bakers & Baristas (c) Sery Kim

Yum! Carbs, butter, sugar and treats all before 9 am. This is my kind of breakfast even though I rarely, if ever, indulge in it because if my eyes even look at food I gain weight! But as a long-time Tanysweet fan, formerly at the corner of 501 7th Street NW, I knew I had to see what was taking its place. Do not fret D.C.! Bakers and Baristas, the latest offering from Aaron Gordon of Tangysweet, Red Velvet Cupcakery, and also a partner in 14th Street's Red Light, has brought to Washington, D.C. one of the best pastry shop.

Doors open January 19th and you better stand in line! More details (and pictures) as I get it!

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