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Birthday memories at The Inn at Little Washington

PHOTO: A dining table at The Inn at Little Washington last night (c) Sery Kim

Last night Mike and I went to The Inn at Little Washington to celebrate his birthday (a little early) and my birthday (slightly belated). We had planned on going on April 26, the day of my actual birthday, but with so many changes in the haphazard approach to governing in the State of Virginia, we had to change, re-schedule, change, re-schedule, change and re-schedule more than three times!! Finally, fourth time was a charm (and since Mike's birthday is in July, we were determined to celebrate both our birthdays) and off we went!

A full review will be coming later this upcoming week but I will say Mike and I had a beautiful evening. We arrived an hour early so we could enjoy cocktails, and we certainly did in the Monkey Room. Then our three-hour, gastronomic, $315/per person meal was very good as well.

PHOTO: Posing for a photo as we arrived last night at The Inn at Little Washington (c) Sery Kim

We chose the marvelous wine pairing for an additional $195 per person. I thought the wine pairing was more than pacing the food service so I highly recommend adding this on to any dinner at The Inn at Little Washington.

Overall, it was a truly memorable evening -- and one for our beautiful collection of fabulous dining experiences. We certainly hope to return again some other time!

PHOTO: "Apparently a pear" dessert at Inn at Little Washington (c) Sery Kim

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