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Review: ZOOM Whitening

PHOTO: Selfie this morning while charging the car (c) Sery Kim

This past Wednesday, May 13, 2020, I went to my favorite dentist Virginia Square Dental to have professional ZOOM whitening. This was my first time doing ZOOM, and I didn't know what to expect other than I wouldn't be able to drink coffee for a few days (eek!!)! However, I figured, if there was ever a time during which I could operate at 10%, the mandatory COVID-19 quarantine would be as good a time as any.

ZOOM whitening is a professional, in-office treatment created by Philips. During the course of an hour, through four 15 minute whitening sessions, your teeth are gradually turned into a brilliant white. Literally, years of coffee stains, red wine stains and basically any food which would stain a white shirt is removed through an intense pulsating light.

Most people who undergo ZOOM can only make it through two 15 minute treatments because of level of pain caused by the pulsating light. I don't know what it says about me and my tolerance for pain that I was able to do all four 15 minute sesions without a grimace! My dental hygienist was super impressed. I will note I am someone who never takes any form of medication and she had given me 800 ml of ibuprofen before the treatment -- and I took another 800 ml before I went to bed -- so I felt really good.

Honestly, the hardest part of the treatment was only being able to eat white food for 48 hours. I went home and had a few slices of white cheddar and some grilled chicken without skin. The next morning I was desperate for coffee so I made an expresso shot and poured 5 tiny spoonfuls into the back of my throat -- YES I am a coffee-addict! After each spoonful, I immediately rinsed my mouth out with water and, as a result of this tedious process, I gave up after five spoonfuls. I was enormously tired and even more hungry! For lunch I had more white cheddar and plain grilled chicken. Dinner was plain yogurt with some Stevia. Plenty of coconut BAI and water.

But the results are magnificent! I even lost four pounds because I couldn't eat anything.

Cost for ZOOM is $400 and I highly recommend it.

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