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Birthday Brunch with Grazie Grazie

PHOTO: Birthday Brunch with Grazie Grazie (c) Sery Kim

For my birthday, I allowed myself the great pleasure of eating all the wonderful food I have been avoiding while crushing the "10 day: no sugar, no carb challenge." Tops on this list was Grazie Grazie.

I have long been an avid diner at Taylor Gourmet and was crushed when Casey had to close his restaurant chain. Thankfully, he is back -- and with even more tasty food (if that is possible) than what was at Taylor Gourmet.

Located at The Wharf, Grazie Grazie's menu is filled with variations on old favorites including a slew of (what will surely be) new favorites such as the Philly Fry.

PHOTO: Grazie Grazie's Philly Fry (c) Sery Kim

Perfectly cooked, and seasoned, waffle fries are loaded with a sumptuous array of cheese, Philly steak, peppers and large slices of jalepenos. I absolutely could not get enough and Mike and I crushed this very quickly.

As for the sandwiches, I ordered a variation on the chicken parmigiana sandwich called the Benny. Diners can chose either a breaded or grilled chicken, and then to it is added sharp provolone and marinara sauce. How lovely it was with it's seasoning and flavors!

Mike ordered the Minelli. I will let the description from the menu speak for itself: hot capicola / peppered ham / prosciutto / spicy aioli / pecorino romano / oven dried tomatoes / red onion / fresh basil / arugula / evoo + red wine vinegar / house seasoning. Magnificent as well!! This sandwich was also quite good later in the evening, nicely cold from the refrigerator.

PHOTO: Casey gave me the Friends and Family discount (c) Sery Kim

Even though I have never met Casey, and especially when things are so tough for restaurants during coronavirus, Casey still gave me a "Friend and Family" discount of 50%!! How incredibly generous of him!! The service and the hospitality was above-and-beyond --> he also gave me and Mike each a cannoli so we could celebrate my birthday.

If you live in D.C., you can have Grazie Grazie delivered to your home via Caviar. Full menu here.

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