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Guest Writer: Joanne Eglash on "How to Start Your Own Container Garden"

PHOTO: Container Gardener courtesy of Guest Writer Joanne Eglash

For my birthday this year, and especially since so many of my freelance writing friends aren't getting assignments, I decided to ask around to see if anyone would be interested in writing for my blog while I am out celebrating my birthday.

Joanne Eglash is today's guest writer. Joanne graduated from UCLA with honors in English literature. Her experience as editor-in-chief of the UCLA Daily Bruin led to writing opportunities ranging from the San Jose Mercury News to Fit Pregnancy. Joanne also has worked as a technical writer and editor. She currently freelances for various publications, including Monsters and Critics: https://www.monstersandcritics.com/author/joanne-eglash/

How to Start Your Own Container Garden

Container gardening means using containers to grow everything from flowers to herbs to vegetables to fruit and even bushes. The containers can be as simple as a plastic bucket or as fancy as a designer urn.

STEP ONE: Supplies

Check your local garden center, hardware stores, or even “everything’s a dollar” type of stores for potting soil. You’ll also want to look for seeds or seedlings. Seedling have the advantage of giving you a jump-start, while seeds give you that satisfaction level of planting something and watching it sprout from the very beginning.

When it comes to containers, you can find options at garden centers, hardware stores, and also online. Options range from the very simple plastic type of pot to ornate urns.

STEP TWO: How to Plant

Make sure to follow the directions on the seed packet or seedling flag on the season during which to plant. These directions also will tell you how deep to plant as well as how much separation is needed between plants.

STEP THREE: How to Take Care of

As your plants grow, consider options such as moving your containers to give them more sunlight as needed. Depending on the plant, you may also need to thin out the growth. Be sure to keep the soil moist without overwatering. Some types of plants may also benefit from fertilizer.

STEP FOUR: Watch it flourish

Growing your own green oasis can give you a sense of peace. If you decide to grow vegetables or fruit and have excess, sharing can bring a new sense of community even during this time of social distancing.

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