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Dreaming of being outdoors? Get prepared with FATBOY!

PHOTO: FATBOY's Miasun courtesy of FATBOY

While we are all quarantined, we are surely taking careful stock of the ramifications of our movements around other people. As a result, we stay in, we stay conscientious, and we dream a lot of the day when we can travel to glorious places with pristine beaches as shown in the photo above. For me, personally, today was the actual day I was supposed to be the Fairmont in Barbados to celebrate my birthday so I am literally missing the beach!!

One day soon, we will be able to travel again. Until then, we plan -- and while we can't get to a beach, a really great small business we can support now in preparation is FATBOY.

PHOTO: The portable FATBOY Miasun courtesy of FATBOY

FATBOY makes outdoor products and one of the best new products they have brought to market is the FATBOY Miasun. A machine-washable, cotton fabric cover, this portable tent will shade you as you enjoy being outdoors without being dragged down by the clumsy beach umbrella.

You can buy them online for $139 here.

PHOTO: Friends enjoying the FATBOY Miason courtesy of FATBOY


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