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Success! 10 days no sugar, no carb challenge!

PHOTO: My near-daily no sugar, no carb meal (c) Sery Kim

For twelve days, I underwent the infamous Jennifer Lopez "10 day: no sugar and no carb challenge." I know adding the extra two days, to make a total of twelve days, seems a little odd. The number is so arbitrary ... and it was. My boyfriend Mike has been crushing his Lent offering of 40 days of no sugar by going 56 days without -- the iron will is just simply phenomenal! -- and we decided to pick the same day for the both of us to eat sweets. Hence 12 days for me and 56 days for him.

I really needed this challenge. Since we are all quarantined, I wasn't as busy and, quite frankly, had the luxury of being bored. As a result, I gained weight as a result of COVID-19 "stay at home order." I think, in the first three weeks, I gained 7 pounds. HIDEOUS!

Those numbers are just not going to work for me so I committed myself to the "10 day: no sugar and no carb challenge" once more."

PHOTO: The base of my daily salad (c) Sery Kim

Earlier this year, I had completed this challenge by going 21 days without sugar or cards to win a bet, which I successfully completed. During the 21 day stretch, I lost around 12 pounds and never felt better -- or slept better. This time around, the sleep wasn't as great but I certainly lost quite a bit of weight!

To make myself successful, in addition to eliminating sugar and carbs, I incorporated a severe form of intermittent fasting. I chose to only allow myself a six hour window to eat, while fasting the remaining 18 hours. So around 2:00 pm or 4:00 pm, I would great a nice big, protein rich salad.

The base of my salad was romaine lettuce. I bought a pack of four at Costco for $3.99 and it lasted me a full week. In fact, everything I put in my salad I purchased at Costco. To the base of romaine lettuce, approximately 2 to 3 cups, I then added a handful of colorful tomatoes as well as 3 slices of bacon.

PHOTO: Costco rotisserie chicken (c) Sery Kim

My main protein wasn't the bacon but the rotisserie chicken Costco sells for $4.99. It really is one of the best deals for those of you looking for a great source of pure protein.

When I come home from the store, I separate the chicken into five containers so I can use the chicken for five meals. I have found this way I can be the most successful with the chicken because, once you place the chicken in the fridge and it gets cold, separating the chicken into edible portions is not so easy.

PHOTO: I put in two servings of Whisps (c) Sery Kim

I also add Whisps which are these amazingly delicious cheese fried to resemble potato chips!!! They add such a great crunch to my salad, much like what croutons would. The Whisps are also excellent snacks. I buy a large bag for $14.99 but I also buy the snack portions (as shown above) so that I can portion out my servings.

PHOTO: Shredding a fresh cup of Tillamook cheese (c) Sery Kim

Depending upon how hungry I am, I also add some fresh shredded cheese as well as a boiled egg. This box grater/shredder I bought at Crate and Barrel Outlet was probably the best purchase I have made in a really long time. I can not recommend it enough! You can buy one for yourself here.

PHOTO: I also interchanged the chicken with salmon (c) Sery Kim

Once or twice, I did interchange the rotisserie chicken with salmon. Again, I bought the salmon at Costco and then I baked it in the oven with a squeeze of a lemon, salt and pepper for 15 minutes. Doesn't the salmon look so beautiful? It tasted absolutely wonderfully!!

With the salmon salad, I did not add any tomatoes or eggs. I used Ken's Caesar Dressing for both.

Other than this massive and delicious salad, I let the food settle and then had a bowl of fresh strawberries with Cool Whip. So delicious! You can buy Cool Whip with low sugar at any grocery store and I highly recommend it for people like me who crave sweets all the time.

This seems really basic, and also pedantic, but it worked. And I know it will work for you!

Good luck!

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