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Home Office Set

PHOTO: My home office (c) Sery Kim

After six months of staring at my blank, yet beautiful Hale Navy painted walls, I took some time this past weekend to organize my home office space.

Since I moved more than a 1,000 miles away, I didn't bring a single piece of furniture to Texas with me. As a result, I have gradually been buying a piece of furniture each month because I am a deliberate interior designer of my space. One of the first things I purchased was a desk because i wake up every morning and journal/write. I can't live without a desk! This one was advertised on Facebook Marketplace, purchased from Nebraska Furniture Mart, for $50. Great deal. It has a nice weathered look to it and, again, it was just $50.

As for decorating my desk, I purchased everything over a few months as well. I love flowers but just don't have the bandwidth to keep alive real flowers, thus I rely upon fake flowers. Both the topiary as well as the mini-lavender plant are, naturally, from TJ Maxx, a company I love shopping at -- and own the stocks to prove it! The far right art fixture is a class find from Crate and Barrel Outlet for a mere $44.95, marked down 70%.

My desk light was $9.99 from Walmart and the candle is Anthropologie. Incredible that all the burnished gold elements came together from so many different stores!

Finally, the art piece is the center is from HomeGoods in Alexandria, Virginia for $24.95. I actually bought it in Virginia and packed it into a suitcase so I could bring it back to Texas! I am so glad I did because I think it really anchors the space.

I have a few other spaces to design so stay tuned for some other design updates!


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