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Today's Fashion: Smartypants Vintage

PHOTO: Bathroom selfie earlier today (c) Sery Kim

Today I finally had a chance to wear this great dress I found at Smartypants Vintage in Columbus, Ohio at the end of February. Now, don't get me wrong! I, like so many of you, have been quarantined at home so my daily outfit consists of one of two outfits: my favorite yoga pants and sweatshirt combo OR my favorite exercise shorts with a workout sweater combo. My only concessions to a somewhat normal life is showering every day and putting on make-up. This is my half-hearted attempt to not fall into a complete state of sloth!!

But, during the quarantine, every-so-often, I get asked to do some commentary on television. When I do, I always wear a solid color dress because I was told this presents the most clean media look. As a result, I have a slew of dresses in my closet which are solid colored. However, today, after more than a year of solid colored dresses on television, I allowed myself a small variation. Today was this vintage dress I found at Smartypants Village for $35 at the end of February. As you can see the top-half is a solid color, broken up by a really cute floral collar, with a matching bottom half to complete the floor-length dress.

Still solid. Still clean. Still adorable!

PHOTO: Selfie at Smartypants Vintage back in February (c) Sery Kim

As for my belt, it is not apart of the dress -- though it clearly is a perfect match. I added it so I could feel professionally complete. I bought this perfect belt in Paris back in 2015 when I was traveling to a different country every week for a mere $10 in the Marais shopping district of Paris. So fun!!

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