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Quarantine Lifestyle: A steal on a Crate-and-Barrel rug

PHOTO: My Crate-and-Barrel Sheepskin rug (c) Sery Kim

As we are socially-distancing, and some of us quarantining, I have had a chance to enjoy the items I have purchased to decorate my apartment in Texas. Since I moved without having lived in Texas for about 13 years, I decided to live in an apartment while I ascertain where I want to buy my forever Texas home. I would like to purchase at the end of 2020 so I haven't bought anything for my apartment I wouldn't want in my forever Texas home. Lucky for me, I am a black-belt in bargain-hunting and managed to find this stunning sheepskin rug at Crate-and-Barrel.

The rug is truly sumptuous, as well as massive, at 64 x 70: https://www.firsthomebank.com/sbarelief/. I used to have the smaller, 42 x 72 version in my D.C. apartment, but it was stolen from my Coppell, Texas complex (The Sound at Cypress Waters if you want to know) after it was delivered. Since my apartment company refused to reimburse me for the stolen package, I had to save and wait before I could buy another one.

As I was saving, I noticed on the bottom shelf of the tiniest clearance section at Crate-and-Barrel Willow Bend in Plano, Texas a sheepskin rug. I pulled it out and was shocked to discover it was my identical rug except substantially bigger. Though it was a floor model, with a little bit of dirt, I knew I had to own it.

PHOTO: A copy of the price tag

I headed straight for the check-out and it is perfect in my living room. The sheepskin rugs nicely ties in with my couch: I had the throw cushions already purchased on my Crate-and-Barrel couch -- a mix of Anthropologie throw pillows as well as Crate-and-Barrel.

The only thing I need for my living room is a side-table because I do not want a coffee table to press on the sheepskin rug, flattening the stunning fluff!

PHOTO: My living room (c) Sery Kim


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