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Stylish Shopping in Columbus, Ohio

PHOTO: My newest dress a Talulah La Maison from ROWE in Columbus, Ohio (c) Sery Kim

When I spent 2015-2017 living, week-by-week, in one hotel to another, from one country to another, I had a chance to build one of the best wardrobes anyone could have. I found great dresses, at a terrific price, from every continent. And whenever I wore them, I would inevitably get numerous questions of "Your dress is AMAZING! Where did you get it??" I was filled with immense satisfaction knowing I had both found an affordably beautiful dress as well as having found it in a country different from the U.S.

Since I have stopped my incessant traveling, my wardrobe has gotten really boring. I typically buy some semblance of a solid color dress from AMAZON, usually Muisol or MUXXN, at $34.99. Boring, boring, boring -- almost as boring as my current "no sugar, no carb" diet. But while in Columbus, Ohio for work, I managed to find several great clothing finds on Columbus' hot Short North Drive.

PHOTO: My new Eva Franco dress from Anthropologie (c) Sery Kim

Short North Drive in Columbus, Ohio is the heart of their burgeoning Downtown. Everything is new, walkable and there is so much great food: The Guild House, Del Mar and, of course, Northstar Cafe.

I stayed at the Graduate Hotel, which is a new yet stylishly affordable hotel right-dab in the middle of the Short North. Three blocks from the Graduate Hotel is Anthropologie which anyone who knows me at all is my favorite store. They were having an additional 25% sale deal this weekend so I took a quick walk around. And wouldn't you know?! In the middle of the picked-over sale's section was this stunning Eva Franco dress. The Eva Franco dress was $250 originally and the sales ticket has it tagged at $119. At 25% off, this price would have been a wonderful deal so you can imagine my blissed out happiness when I found out the dress was $44!! WHAT?!?!!! SO AMAZING! It is the perfect midi dress in a gorgeous array of burgundy and peony orange. I can't wait to wear it during my birthday trip to Barbados!

PHOTO: A great 1970's dress for $38 (c) Sery Kim

Then, at Smartypants Vintage, I found this great 1970's dress for $38. As I mentioned above, I've been doing this "no sugar, no carb" diet and have gone down to a 26/27 inch waist: my goal is to be a 24 inch waist but with an inch off my arms and thighs as well before my birthday on April 26. The dress is so perfectly work-wear friendly, and it doesn't wrinkle, so I imagine I will be traveling with this dress frequently.

My two favorite purchases were the Talulah dress at ROWE pictured above. The dress looked like it was custom-made for me, plus the color is sensational. It was 50% off so there wasn't really a big thought in me purchasing it. However, even though I don't wear pants (unless it's black jeans or black yoga pants), I got an epic outfit from Ladybird Boutique. Made by Traffic Partners, the bottom and top looks so good on me and I can't wait to wear it out!

PHOTO: Traffic People Printed Pant and Top (c) Ladybird

Overall, I am so happy with all my great finds in Columbus! I haven't walked around to buy clothes in four months so this was a real treat for me -- aided by my law firm's complete tech overhaul this weekend, aka I couldn't work at all. I can't wait to come back and do more shopping this Summer!

PHOTO: Traffic People Printed Top (c) Ladybird

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