• Sery Kim

The Grill DC's "Friends + Family Night"

PHOTO: Date night at The Grill DC's "Friends and Family Night" (c) Sery Kim

Last night Mike and I went to The Grill DC's "Friends and Family Night," and had a spectacular time. I won't spoil all the delightful food-and-beverage options because the restaurant does not officially open until Tuesday night, but I will say you absolutely must order (1) Pistachio Soup, (2) the Hallibut, which is simply incredible, (3) the Sweet Potato with Pistachio -- a side dish worthy of being a main dish for vegans, as well as the (4) the Perfect Martini and the Cosmo for cocktails. We are definitely going to come back soon -- and I will have a full review after the restaurant opens this Tuesday.

Thank you again to our dear friends Michael and Jason for inviting us! They are truly one of the best people we know.

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