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Memories of Antarctica with Seabourn Cruises

PHOTO: Me in Antarctica with Seabourn Cruises (c) Sery Kim

Yesterday was the five year anniversary of me traveling with Seabourn Cruises on the penultimate bucket list trip: Antarctica. I can't believe how fast time has gone ... and, looking at this photo again, I also can't believe how HOT it was in Antarctica. I legitimately did not wear a coat, or gloves or a hat for several days when we landed onto the Antarctica continent, and as I am writing about my memory of this trip there is so much for me to consider about the global impact of travel as well as my lifestyle choices here in the United States of America.

Without getting too deep into my political thoughts, I do think there is something to say about literally seeing with your own eyes the impact of the lifestyle choices we make and I highly recommend everyone go to Antarctica with Seabourn. They have set the standard for luxury while cruising and if you haven't read my countless reviews about the property be sure to do so!

Thanks again for the memories Seabourn Cruises! Can't wait to finish this chapter of my book!

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