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Review: Graduate Hotels Columbus, Ohio

PHOTO: Our room at Graduate Hotels Columbus, Ohio (c) Sery Kim

One of the best aspects of being a hotel connoisseur is seeing new brands pop into the marketplace and present a high-quality, highly affordable product. One such brand is Graduate Hotels. Based in Chicago, Illinois, I had heard of this hotel chain since I started to receive press released about them in 2017. Since that time, Graduate Hotels has expanded into over two dozen markets, mostly in college towns such as Columbus, Ohio.

This is what their press release says: "Graduate Hotels are created for travelers who seek memory-making journeys, and are part of a well-curated, thoughtfully crafted collection of hotels that reside in the most dynamic, university-anchored cities across the country. Every property celebrates and commemorates the optimistic energy of its community, while offering an extended retreat to places that played host to the best days of our lives."

The concept of the hotel is, essentially, to go back to the glory days of college, except you should feel like you are in the most luxurious dorm room. We did not book our hotel room through the hotel but instead went through a third-party booking price. The per-night rate was around $140 and the room was really beautiful. Impeccably clean, the staff is also super great and friendly. Plus, with Graduate Hotels Columbus, the hotel is located right in the Short North which is the main thoroughfare of Columbus, Ohio so you don't really need a car if you just want to do things around the neighborhood.

PHOTO: Short Ribs at Service Bar (c) Sery Kim

Graduate Hotels happens to be two blocks from our favorite breakfast spot -- Northstar Cafe -- as well as our favorite nighttime restaurant Service Bar and the upstairs bar Lincoln Social. Sadly, the coffee, food and drinks at the hotel are not good but, again, if you need something affordable, then be sure to book Graduate Hotels!

PHOTO: Mike and I at Lincoln Social (c) Sery Kim

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