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Inn at Perry Cabin's Breakfast of Champions

PHOTO: Our Saturday breakfast at Inn at Perry Cabin (c) Sery Kim

"Gluttonous." In a single word, Inn at Perry Cabin's most exceptional meal experience was certainly breakfast.

Since we were on a "staycation" to help us recover from the crazy holiday travel season, we slept in quite late! But for me setting an alarm to not miss breakfast -- final serving time is 11:00 "If you would have come at 11:05 am, we would have still served you Ms. Kim" -- we would not have made it. Thank goodness I have the presence aforethought after our wonderful welcome dinner to the Inn at Perry Cabin to set the alarm.

Breakfast, for our package, was complimentary. For those of you not staying at the hotel, the price of the breakfast is fully inline with what people pay in the DMV. We ordered three main dishes, one side and two coffees. All, including tax but not including tip, was around $70.

PHOTO: A closer look at our Saturday breakfast (c) Sery Kim

Mike consistently is more judicious than me when ordering food at a restaurant. When he looks at a menu, he sees what he will actually eat; whereas, when I look at a menu, I look at what I could possibly eat. The difference is resplendent for social media photo-taking purposes (in that we always have a lot of plates on our table for a great looking picture), however, it is not so good for those who do not believe in food waste.

Inn at Perry Cabin's breakfast menu starts service at 6:30 am and concludes, as I mentioned above, at 11:00. The coffee is respectable, nothing to brag about. The food is significantly better, particularly their made-on-the-spot-on-the-fly Smoothie ($10).

PHOTO: Inn at Perry Cabin's Zucchini Pancakes (c) Sery Kim

I instantly gravitated towards the fruit bowl, a side, as well as the novel Zucchini Pancakes with Fresh Blueberry Sauce. I wasn't sure how the presentation of the pancake would be since the dish's descriptor doesn't mention how the zucchini is brought into the pancake. Thankfully, it was fairly easy to understand. Zucchini is finely sliced and mixed into the pancake batter for a unique, and tasty, base. The blueberry sauce is an inspiration, with the fresh of taste of homemade richly blended in. Since I do like sweet things, I added in some Maple Syrup as well as slathered onto the Zucchini Pancake plenty of warmed butter. Very yummy!

Mike ordered the Breakfast Burrito and it was definitely the best thing we had both mornings. So good was the heartiness of every element, so unique was the Jalepeno Chive Cream Cheese, I ordered it for breakfast on Sunday. And I didn't share!

PHOTO: Close-up of my Breakfast Burrito order on Sunday (c) Sery Kim

For my savory dish on Sunday, I ordered the Brioche Breakfast Sandwich and it was quite bland. Don't get me wrong. There wasn't anything totally wrong about it. The brioche was nice, light and held together with each bite I took. The bacon was perfectly cook, as was the egg. It just wasn't as UNIQUE as the flavors or elements of either the Zucchini Pancakes or the Breakfast Burrito -- and I think the theme of being UNIQUE is something Inn at Perry Cabin does very well. The entire complex is unique. The Milk and Honey Couples Massage is Unique. The Star Restaurant concept is unique. And certain elements in breakfast was and is unique.

PHOTO: My Berry Smoothie (c) Sery Kim

And certainly my Berry Smoothie was unique. After a heavy day of eating on Saturday, all I wanted on Sunday morning was a smoothie. The Inn at Perry Cabin, alas, do not offer smoothies but when I asked for one the Kitchen hopped right to it. Their presentation was so fresh, clean and filling, I recommended to them they put it on the menu! Hopefully they did so you can try it as well.

Otherwise, even if they don't have a smoothie when you visit, there are still plenty of things to try and eat for breakfast. On Sunday Mike ordered the Bagel with Salmon and he loved it. Plus there is the impeccable view from the Conservatory area of STAR Restaurant, so fun!

Happy dining!

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