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Welcome to 2020 from The Inn at Perry Cabin

PHOTO: A dreary, wet day outside made for a great picture (c) Sery Kim

After two weeks of crazy holiday travel, to kick off the new year with a true recharge, we headed to the bucolic and famous Inn at Perry Cabin. Located in St. Michaels, Maryland, which is a quick 90-minute drive from Washington, D.C., Inn at Perry Cabin has consistently been chosen as one of the best hotels in the United States. In fact, Travel + Leisure Magazine picked it as the best hotel in Maryland last year. In advance of my trip this weekend, I got a chance to talk about Inn at Perry Cabin on-air. If you missed my segment on ABC's Good Morning Washington as I discussed the hotel's amenities, be sure to watch online through this link here: https://wjla.com/features/good-morning-washington/the-traveling-detox-tips-on-places-to-go.

PHOTO: Screenshot of me on ABC's Good Morning Washington (c) Sery Kim

During the hotel's off-season in the cold weather months, this 78 room hotel still has plenty of guests because of its impeccable service, food and rooms. Still, since we were here the day after New Year's Day, we were actually quite surprised to see so many guests in the many dining rooms here at Inn at Perry Cabin. Perhaps they are locales who come to one of the two dining areas ... ?

For those who do stay the night, there are numerous configurations of the rooms: from doubles to suites, with everything in-between. But if you can afford the slight up-charge, definitely request one of the rooms with water views. FYI, this hotel does provide complimentary upgrades to the next room size so that is yet another reason to book and an entry level room is just $320, which includes breakfast.

PHOTO: Our gorgeous Suite at Inn at Perry Cabin (c) Sery Kim

We ate at STARS Restaurant, the Inn at Perry Cabin's fine dining room, and was sat at the most romantic table, in front of a roaring fireplace. As soon as we got the menu, since we are in Maryland, we went straight for seafood. Mike immediately ordered some fresh oysters while I went for the Fig Martini (priorities, friends, priorities). Fresh from the Chesapeake Bay, the oysters were large and magnificent, with a briny delight amplified by a squeeze of lemon and some horseradish. As for the Fig Martini, it was probably the best martini I have ever had because it was wholly unexpected. The fig element was a freshly squeezed fig, leaving a pulpiness into the martini. The liquor was gentle and easy, with the entire cocktail not too sweet. I loved it and relished savoring it all night.

For our main, we both ordered the fresh Maryland Crab Cake and it arrived perfectly prepared on a bed of light veggies: kale, roma tomatoes and corn. Mike got the normal portions, aka two, whereas I got one with a side of Old Bay Fries. As a true french fry connoisseur, these were just the right size for dipping and not fairly hearty.

PHOTO: Fresh Maryland Oysters at STARS Restaurant (c) Sery Kim

Dessert was the Pumpkin cake and I ordered a side of house-made caramel popcorn. Both were scrumptious and we lingered by the fire late into the night. So, it's fairly easy to say, our first day at Inn at Perry Cabin has been a massive success. I can't wait for Day Two and hope you will sign-up for updates to hear all about it!

PHOTO: Mike and I before our dinner at STARS (c) Sery Kim

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