• Sery Kim

Happy New Year! Happy 2020!

PHOTO: Selfie in Middletown, Delaware (c) Sery Kim

Mike and I wish you a very happy holiday season, with sincerest wishes for a great new year! We had a great time in Middletown, Delaware celebrating with his best friend Ed, his amazing wife Lacey and their friends. I love doing house parties for new year's instead of going out because it's just so much more relaxing (and safe). And alcohol is so expensive when you are out!! Why not drink champagne at a friends??

As for my look, I got my hair done at DryBar in Alexandria, Virginia with Bonnie. She is only person at DryBar in at least two years who has done a great job with my hair!! So obsessed. I got mine done at 8:00 am because I did t.v. and in the photo below (taken around 8:00 pm), you can see how well it stayed.

Also, my Love and Lemons dress was a hit! I've owned it for three years -- and worn it every New Year's Eve for three years -- so you can't buy it anymore, but as you can see with my favorite five-year-old below the dress changes from pink to gold depending upon how you let the sequins roll. Peyton (and Mike) kept moving the sequins all night, which obviously made for some hysterical photos!

PHOTO: Me and my biggest NYE fan Peyton (c) Sery Kim

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