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Merry Christmas -- and Happy 4th day of Hanukkah!

PHOTO: Mike and I at Lincoln Social pre-Christmas Eve (c) Sery Kim

Merry Christmas everyone -- and Happy Fourth Day of Hannukah! We have enjoyed quite the whirlwind Christmas: with time in Columbus and Cincinnati with my boyfriend's family before jetting into the Dallas, Texas area to be with my family. My nephew Jackson is 3 1/2 and, since Jackson has more personality than any human being alive, it is really great to be around Jackson as he opens gifts! Also, my niece is 7 weeks old so I enjoyed being with her on her first Christmas -- she is a total doll-baby.

Christmas is always a magical time. Hope you enjoy celebrating Christ's birthday, as well as enjoying a great Christmas Day with your loved ones! Here's to even greater adventures in 2020!

PHOTO: Jackson opening my Christmas gift to him (c) Sery Kim

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