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Columbus, Ohio: Power Lunch at The Guild House

PHOTO: Cherry Ginger Mocktail at The Guild House (c) Sery Kim

Happy almost Thanksgiving from Columbus, Ohio! I have started out this week with a slew of terrific meetings with the innovative leaders in this multi-billion dollar, leader of the heartland city, including lunch with the president of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. We met up at The Guild House one of their 57 restaurants.

Anchored in The Joseph, a Le Meridien Collection Hotel, The Guild House is a friendly, visually-arresting restaurant close to the heart of Columbus' downtown. Their menu naturally lends itself to a colorful informality, without sacrificing any taste, as evidenced by their exquisite mocktail: Cherry Ginger. Incredibly flavorful, the cherry doesn't hit with an artificial sweetness. Rather, the ginger slowly tempers the bright sugar of the cherry to create an almost naturally delightful drink. I could have drank a few of them if I didn't have another restaurant review later in the evening.

PHOTO: Pecan Smoked Trout (c) Sery Kim

The Guild House's lunch menu is actually a consistent fusion of both brunch and lunch. Since it was a weekday, I ordered more lunch-focused items such as the Pecan Smoked Trout pictured above. I gravitated towards the well-seasoned and interactive Pecan Smoked Trout since I knew, no matter how the smoked fish would be prepared, the capers always have the saltiness I needed to add variety.

A side-note: considering how much food I have been consuming in Columbus, Ohio, I could have honestly just eaten this one appetizer and been full. Portion-sizing at the restaurants here, particularly for someone from the East Coast, tends to be quite large. The appetizers are more entree-sized while the entree portions almost veer towards platters. Truly a great value for your money but if you feel a tinge of guilt regarding leftovers (that would be me as I do not eat leftovers), then be sure to order in a more limiting fashion!

PHOTO: Chicken Roulade (c) Sery Kim

As my entree at The Guild House, I ordered the Chicken Roulade because it came recommended to me first by my server and then again by the President of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. Made with chicken on the a bed of butternut puree, romanesco, roasted turnips, sliced truffles and a madeira wine reduction, I thought this entree really fulfilled the need for restaurants to have social-media worthy plating as well as really good taste. Very nicely done.

I skipped dessert because I was going to eat again in four hours; however, I will be sure to report back on some of the desserts later this week. I am not sure how I am going to survive eating this much food, but I did buy some new pants at Anthropologie across the street and somehow, despite the gluttony, I managed to comfortably fit into a size 27 Paige jean as well as a size small pant. WHAT?? FABULOSITY! If I can eat this way in Columbus and still not be fat, then sign-me up to live here full-time!!

PHOTO: Josefa Pintucked Wide-Leg Pants (c) Sery Kim

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