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Day Three: San Miguel de Allende's impeccable San Lucas and San Francisco Vineyards

PHOTO: The incredibly vibrant Jalapenos Pea Soup at Vinedos San Francisco Restaurant (c) Sery Kim

I am not really sure how I ended up discovering the best meal I had in San Miguel de Allende. I think it really was by accident on my part because I ended up at San Miguel de Allende's San Lucas winery by almost happenstance.

I don't know about you, but when I think about Mexico I think Mezal and Tequila and not wine. So, when I put myself in my friend's very capable hands for my third day itinerary activities, I had very low expectations about how good the day might go. Honestly, I was 50/50 in just cancelling the trip and doing more shopping in San Miguel de Allende's fabulous art district. I am so glad I didn't listen to myself because both Vinedos San Lucas and Vinedos San Francisco were exceptional.

Both properties are owned by the same owner, with Vinedos San Lucas opening in 2015 and Vinedos San Francisco in May 2019. The winery made its first production in 2017, and their three wines are only available in Mexico.

PHOTO: One of the many lavender gardens at Vinedos San Lucas (c) Sery Kim

The winery also has a gorgeous lavender garden, which is the first thing you encounter after parking. The tranquility in the inherent smell of lavender infuses your every move, and it costs nothing to tour their lavender work room. There you learn how Vinedos San Lucas uses the lavender to infuse beautifully smelling lotions, candles and other bath sundries as well as food and beverage products. They have a really popular Lavender Lemonade, which I did not partake in because I did not want to disturb my palate for the wine tasting.

PHOTO: The Tasting Room at Vinedos San Lucas (c) Sery kim

Speaking of wine tastings, for $38, you can do a delightful tasting in the beautiful tasting room at Vinedos San Lucas. There they take you through the three wines offered: a young white, a blend red and a a deeper red. Of the three wines, I enjoyed the white the best -- but the reds were fine too. They were just a bit young and too brightly aggressive for me. Honestly though, the honey made in-house made the most impact on me: just perfect. You can buy some fro $16 and take it home with you for a real taste of Vinedos San Lucas.

Afterwards, we made the quick drive to their sister property Vinedos San Francisco. A boutique 14 room hotel, Vinedos San Francisco is an oasis which could have been plucked from the wine heartland of Portugal. A massive polo field abuts the entrance and when you walk into the hotel you are struck by the modern aesthetic, which I love. The rooms are also impeccable, and double-floored with each room having their own personal outdoor hot tub. Fun times! But it really is their restaurant which should bring you away from San Miguel de Allende proper.

PHOTO: The bread plating (c) Sery Kim

Every time a dish came out at Vinedos San Francisco's restaurant, I kept exclaiming either "Oh! How gorgeous!" and "OMG! This is the best thing I have ever eaten!" Honestly, I was truly overwhelmed because my expectations were so low and, upon delivery of the food, my senses could not absorb how magnificent each dish was. In particular, the Jalapenos Pea Soup rocked my tastebuds and I didn't speak a word until I finished, nay DEMOLISHED, the entire bowl. The pea soup had a consistently closer to butternut squash, with a dense heaviness which made the soup with a texture closer to a slightly warm yogurt. Then the jalapeno flavoring added a gently sharp kick to the mellifluous pea soup, thus coming together in the "salty sweet" combination I always gravitate towards.

I even took a piece of bread so I could wipe every swath of green out of the bowl!

The bread and meat course were also well-done, as were the desserts, but it was the pea soup which really transformed the meal into something special. I can't wait to go back to visit and hope you will make sure to do both the Tasting Room at Vinedos San Lucas, as well as the restaurant at Vinedos San Francisco.

PHOTO: Pecan Pie at Vinedos San Francisco (c) Sery Kim

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