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Art, Food and Design: Astonishing San Miguel de Allende

PHOTO: Me along the streets of San Miguel de Allende yesterday (c) Victoria Stiles

I am obsessed with San Miguel de Allende, absolutely obsessed. Yesterday we did some more shopping in the am before we headed to one of the most unexpectedly gorgeous, blissful oasis in the world La Vine de San Francisco -- check out their website here. My girl buddy Victoria -- we are here on a girl's trip -- took this great photo of me as we strolled early in the morning. I had seen the different colored walls, with the planters, and thought the scenery would be amazing for a photo and BOY WAS I RIGHT! This is truly a forever photo for me!

PHOTO: Me outside one of the many historic churches in San Miguel de Allende (c) Victoria Stiles

In fact, there really isn't a place where the views aren't just breath-taking. You don't need a detailed guide or map. Just remember the name of where you are staying, put on some comfortable flat shoes (I had boots on), wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun and just enjoy a stroll. That's part of the charm of this historic city: wandering and letting yourself explore at your own pace.

Every street reveals some new bakery or a great jewelry shop. You really can't go wrong on design or eating, especially. For me, I didn't eat out hardly at all because my hotel food was so delightful but OH HOW GOOD IS THE SHOPPING!! On Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to stop into a boutique store called Muhna and purchased these gorgeous earrings. $35 U.S.! I am utterly obsessed with them!

PHOTO: My new earrings from Muhna (c) Sery Kim

PHOTO: My new Muhna earrings (c) Sery Kim

I also ended up going to another jewelry store called Elisheva and Constance. As the photo below shows, this gold focused jewelry company has tremendous looks; however, I ended up not buying this bracelet and ring set because I didn't really need any more gold rings or bracelets. Unfortunately for me, I can't stop thinking about them, but fortunately for me Elisheva and Constance ships to the U.S. (unlike a lot of stores in San Miguel de Allende I went inside) so I will likely have Elisheva and Constance mail them to me since the set is a mere $230.

PHOTO: The beautiful jewelry at Elisheva and Constance in San Miguel de Allende (c) Sery Kim

I can't wait to share more about my time here in San Miguel! Be sure to sign-up for updates from my blog to keep fully up-to-date.

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