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My San Miguel Hotel: Hacienda el Santuario

PHOTO: The study of Hacienda el Santuario (c) Sery Kim

I am having a marvelous time here in San Miguel de Allende -- you always know your trip is going well when, while on the trip, you start planning for your next visit. My hotel is the boutique Hacienda el Santuario. Founded originally as a convent, the building has gone through many iterations (including being a private home), before the current owners purchased it and turned it into a 33-room, boutique hotel.

The room photographed above is where I have been doing breakfast, as well as doing my morning work (such as writing these blog posts), and I find it incredibly peaceful. Perhaps I am just feeling the nice vibes from its historical place as a home of worship for God. Either way, the hotel is pretty magical though my literal only complaint is the beds are a bit too firm for me.

PHOTO: Hacienda el Santuario's delightful main courtyard (c) Sery Kim

More on the hotel later, including my super-fun cooking class yesterday, but I see the weather has finally perked up to a sunny 73 degrees -- I need to get out there and enjoy it before I fly out tomorrow. Be gone cold weather (Tuesday) and rain (yesterday). We are going to shop and do a wine-tasting at a vineyard. Great times in San Miguel de Allende! Can't wait to come back!


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