• Sery Kim

Day One: Hello from San Miguel de Allende!

PHOTO: On the streets of San Miguel de Allende (c) Sery Kim

Yesterday I arrived in colorfully charming San Miguel de Allende, fleeing the Arctic blast coming through Dallas, Texas (temperature was 25 degrees when I left for DFW Airport, brrrrrrrrr!!!) for hospitable and literally warm Mexico. The flight from Dallas was less than 90 minutes and, after you land in Leon, the city was an equally quick 90 minutes.

When you approach the city, as the bland terrain passes you by, you really don't get a sense of how magical the historic center will be. Once you hit the ground, however, this two-years-in-a-row pick as Travel + Leisure Magazine's "Best in the World" certainly lives up to its reputation as a sterling exemplar of architecture and culture, and I was thrilled to be walking around, greedily taking in the bright colors and historic buildings.

I look forward to exploring and keeping y'all updated on all my brilliant itinerary plans during my four days, three nights here. Be sure to sign up for updates on my blog to get them as they come out!

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