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Thank you ROAM Luggage!

PHOTO: My personalized ROAM Luggage Carry-On (c) Sery Kim

Last night I received my personalized ROAM Luggage carry-on and was absolutely delighted at the fun-array of colors the "Jaunt" carry-on arrived in. This is the best part of this new travel accessory company: every piece of luggage can be customized in a slew of different colors ... and all those colors can even go on one bag. I chose the "Full Customization" option so I could select the maximum range of colors: nine. This meant I had a different color for the front, which was different from the back, wheels, zipper, stitching and even top-handle.

If you want to get my exact bag, the front is "Lotus Red." The accent color is "Paradise Pink." Back shell is "Arabian Purple." Zipper is "Paradise Pink." Binding is "Lagoon Blue." Zipper pull is "Paradise Pink." Stitching is "Lagoon Blue." Wheels are also "Lagoon Blue." Carry handle is "Paradise Pink." And finally the Monogram Patch is also "Paradise Pink."

The perfect girlie, carry-on bag to standout while traveling!!!

PHOTO: The back of my ROAM Jaunt bag (c) Sery Kim

The company even monograms it, in case there was any doubt as to which one is your bag! This comes at no additional charge. Total is $450.

This idea to colorfully customize bags came from two of the founders of the famous, and wildly successful, TUMI luggage brand. They wanted to get away from the standard, aka boring, plain black bag hence ROAM was born. Four sizes (standard carry-on, XL carry-on, check-in bag, XL check-in bag) can be customized this way. Check out more details here: https://roamluggage.com/.

Thanks again ROAM for my fun new fall travel gift! I can't wait to take it out on the road!

PHOTO: My colorful ROAM Jaunt's wheels (c) Sery Kim

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