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Celebrate Halloween with the Drink Company's PUB GRIMM

PHOTO: Drinks, shots and decor at Drink Company's PUB GRIMM pop-up bar (c) Sery Kim

Last night, I was fortunate enough to be apart of Drink Company's newest concept PUB GRIMM "Friends and Family Night." For a few hours, we got to explore the fun Halloween decor of the inventive team behind the Christmas Bar pop-up, as well as the ridiculously popular Game of Thrones pop-up bar. Because these kinds of events are always overwhelmingly crushed with people, and since I have been to a few, I knew to come on-time and just sit down at the bar until the place shut-down. This is precisely what we did and we thoroughly enjoyed having a few sips of all the cocktails.

PHOTO: Hansel and Gretel in the Forest decor (c) Sery Kim

The decor isn't as over-the-top as the Christmas bar pop-up (my favorite), but it is certainly better than an average night out. You can read here Washingtonian's preview of the decor.

Also, as a nod to both Grimm's Fairytales being German, as well as Oktoberfest also being this month, the Berliner is providing snacks such as pretzels and brats.

PHOTO: "The Frog Prince" cocktail on the left (c) Sery Kim

Other than the shot pairing (a smoky tequila with a Sangria chaser), "The Frog Prince" was my favorite. It was a variation of the classic Manhattan and was truly delightful, with the perfect balance of whisky, sweet vermouth and bitters. Of course, I forgot to take a photo of the actual drink menu but the bar opens today starting at 5:00 pm so check it out for yourself.

PHOTO: The PUB GRIMM photo booth, always an instant favorite (c) Sery Kim

And don't forget to stop by the photo booth and take some photos. They are always instant classic and, clearly, show how little fun you are having, haha.

PHOTO: Always the best time with my favorite guy (c) Sery Kim


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