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Thank you Patagonia Camp!

PHOTO: Me standing in Grey Glacier Lake, inside Torres del Paine National Park, in Patagonia, Chile on Saturday, September 28, 2019

After an absolutely blissful five nights and six days at Patagonia Camp in Patagonia, Chile, I have returned with all the best memories and photos! In addition to the scenery, the phenomenal (!) food-and-beverage program, the beautiful expeditions through Torres del Pines National Park, as well as the truly hospitable team at Patagonia Camp, one of the best things about the time away was ... NO WORK!! Not only did I NOT open my laptop, I didn't even bring it! And while the camp had wifi, I only let myself be on it for about 30 minutes each night to upload some photos onto social media.

It was the truest -- and very desperately needed -- mental health break of my dreams!! I can't to tell you all more about it! YOU MUST GO!! Be sure to sign-up for updates from the blog to get the full re-cap!

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