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Best Workouts in D.C.

PHOTO: Inside the "Red Room" at Barry's Bootcamp D.C. (c) Sery Kim

Whether it’s transforming your body from sloth to sleek, or simply as a healthy way to eradicate stress from your everyday life, Washington, D.C. isn’t just our Nation’s Capital – it is also the best city to work-out. Literally. From numerous outdoor trails to high-intensity, sweat-drenched classes, as Dr. James Bruno of Bruno Brown Plastic Surgery (one of the most sought after physicians in D.C.), 5454 Wisconsin Ave #1465, Chevy Chase, MD, gently advises: “The key with working out, and keeping your body in great shape, is to focus on ‘reasonableness.’ Don’t go overboard or try anything extreme.”

For the newbies to working out, the Megaformer machine has helped transform Meghan Markle’s body into Duchess-worthy and the Duchess of Sussex’s actual studio Lagree DC just opened this summer on H Street. During the 50-minute class, you can torch between 800-1,000 calories. Lagree DC, 1383 H St NE, Washington, DC. https://www.lagreedc.com/.

PHOTO: Me at Barry's Bootcamp class (c) Sery Kim

My absolute favorite work-out in D.C., one which has personally helped me lose 2-inches off my waist in less than 60 days, is Barry’s Bootcamp. Self proclaimed as “The Best Workout in the World,” Barry’s Bootcamp alternates between cardio and weights, for this mind-blowing 55-minute workout. General Manager Gina McAlpin (also a brilliant instructor) leads the stellar team. Additionally, judging by the incessant, sold-out status of their classes, Mark Raimondo and Justin Meli also are tops for this completely addictive workout. Barry’s Bootcamp, 1345 19th St. NW, Washington, D.C. https://www.barrysbootcamp.com/

However for those of you, who are in great shape and want an exercise which will leave even the most fit absolutely worn out, definitely attempt CUT SEVEN. Not for the faint-of-heart, CUT SEVEN conditions for high-performing athletes to achieve “complete muscle failure.” I have never cried so much during class and, yet when finished, I felt I had truly accomplished something incredible. CUT SEVEN, 1101 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. http://cutseven.com/


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