• Sery Kim

Thank you The Willard for my Labor Day stay-cation

PHOTO: My welcome amenity at The Willard Intercontinental (c) Sery Kim

After a brutal stretch of both international and domestic travel, I was happy to just stay in Washington, D.C. over Labor Day weekend. Thanks to The Willard Intercontinental Washington, D.C. for extending an invitation for me to enjoy a "D.C. stay-cation," I luxuriated in one of their 1,250 square feet Executive Suites --> and blew my diet with this gorgeously delicious welcome amenity. Fun fact. for fans of the movie The Greatest Showman, the woman depicted on the white chocolate money bar above is Jenny Lind. Not only was she the "Swedish Nightingale" who stole P.T. Barnum's heart, but she also was on the Swedish Kronor banknote from 1996 to 2014. Delicious!

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